Waste disposal laws: Who can take your rubbish away?

Posted by Edward Jonkler on November 14, 2019

Find out what councils require from companies removing waste and how to safely and responsibly clear your property

Across the UK, councils are responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient removal and processing of your waste. Depending on where you live, the exact system of processing can vary, with some parts of the country simply having “Recycling” and “Non-recycling”, where others have a 7-bin recycling system. So what is the reason for this variation and where does your waste go once it’s left your property?

As a previous member of the EU, England and Wales waste management guidelines are built on something known as the Waste Hierarchy. This is a structured system to ensure reuse and recycling is achieved as often as possible, resulting in the lowest loss of materials and avoiding unnecessary disposal. There are also restrictions on the sorts of items that can be taken to landfill, and these are based on issues to do with the environment and prevent the release of hazardous substances. 

In light of these laws, “waste” is not a specific enough definition when disposing of household items. For example, if you are throwing away a fridge from a commercial property this is considered hazardous waste and must be collected by a registered waste carrier. The repercussions from councils for businesses operating without a waste carrier licence and therefore beneath the minimum requirements of UK waste disposal laws can be severe, so its worth researching whether cleaning or removals companies working with your property have the required qualifications. 

Remora Cleaning is a fully licensed waste carrier in accordance with UK law, and as such we’re fully qualified to responsibly and safely remove waste from commercial properties. If you’re looking to organise an office clear out we can help streamline the process for you, removing unwanted items and leaving your workspace spotless. For more information on the services we provide, or to get a quote, contact us today.

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