8 tips for keeping your house clean with pets

Posted by Edward Jonkler on November 14, 2019

Sharing your home with furry friends can work wonders for your mental health, but the unfortunate side effect of our four-legged friends is often unwanted hair, dirt and smells setting up camp in your interiors

Keeping your home clean when sharing it with pets can feel like an unending task, with each walk presenting another opportunity for the outside world to breach the indoors. However, by streamlining your cleaning routine and keeping on top of some common culprits, keeping your house clean with pets can become a simple and efficient task. Here are our top tips for keeping your house clean with pets

  1. Tackle the fur
    Cats, dogs and rabbits are all prime culprits for dropping unwanted hair around your home, but by brushing regularly you can reduce the number of stray hairs getting on your furniture. Brushing also keeps your pets cleaner, allowing them to groom efficiently and avoid getting tufts and knots. The type of fur your animal has will decide the brush shape needed, so make sure to pick up the appropriate style from your local pet shop. 
  2. Hoover regularly
    Even if you keep on top of brushing, inevitably some fur will find its way onto your furniture and upholstery. To avoid having to search for a lint roller every time you sit down, hoover regularly to suck up any stray hairs and prevent build up. Hairs are very lightweight and can float in the air, so keep an eye out for soft furnishings such as your curtains picking up pet fur. 
  3. Keep them clean
    Depending on your pets preference, bath time can either be a charm or a chore, but battling a water-phobic pet into a warm, cleansing bath can go along way towards protecting your interiors from unwanted smells and stains. If your pet is nervous, try placing a non-slip mat in the bath so they can feel stable and make sure the water is a comfortable temperature before putting them in. You can try to remove negative feelings towards bath time using positive reinforcement with a treat once they’re out and dry.
    If you’re going to use shampoo, make sure it’s been specially formulated for your animal, there are many cat and dog shampoos available in pet shops. Once bath time is over, make sure to gently towel dry your pet as best you can because whatever remains will be shaken off enthusiastically at the earliest opportunity. 
  4. Consider footwear
    For dogs who love strolling through muddy puddles, keeping paws clean on an afternoon walk is an impossibility. If you don’t want muddy paw prints tracked through the house, and don’t fancy giving your pooch a pedicure every time they enter the home, you can purchase dog boots to keep their feet clean and protected while out on walks. 
  5. Choose materials wisely
    If pet ownership is part of your long term plan, you can make life easier by opting for materials which are easily wiped down following muddy woodland walk. Hardwood floors can very quickly be mopped down whereas you’ll need to take more time and care with lightly coloured carpets. Similarly, leather furniture poses far fewer complications than upholstered chairs and sofas. 
  6. Beds and blankets
    Where your pet most commonly sleeps is the most likely place to find discolouration and lingering odours. You can prevent this settling in by regularly washing soft beds and cushions, and popping favoured blankets in the wash from time to time. Odour eliminating sprays may also be a suitable quick fix solution, but make sure to check the label to see if it’s safe for your pet. 
  7. Get organised
    As animal lovers we can’t help but spoil our pets, and with good reason too as having lots of toys to play with provides valuable stimulation for dogs, cats and birds. However, chew toys by their very nature are never the most sanitary of items and it’s always best to avoid wayward toys ending up in areas of the house with heavy footfall such as corridors and stairways if you want to avoid trips and falls. Keep your pet’s toys organised with attractive baskets or cabinets for storage, and take the time to give them a wipe down with pet-friendly anti-bacterial wipes to keep them clean. 
  8. Hire help
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