Tenancy Cleaning Services London

Remora offers domestic and housekeeping services to discerning clients across London. Our teams are vetted and professional, and deliver a perfect service to your specifications every time.

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Managers and agencies

Property managers and lettings agents make up the bulk of our clients, and we pride ourselves on our ability to meet your needs, whatever they may nbe. We’ve worked for the majority of London’s blue-chip management companies, and our high volume of repeat bookings speaks for itself.

Remora teams carry out dozens of move-out cleans across the capital every week. What sets us apart is our willingness to do whatever a client requires to create a thoroughly clean and welcoming property for new tenants. Our reliable, professional cleaning operatives aim for a spotless premises every time.

Our pre-tenancy cleaning service typically takes less time than a move-in clean, though our team will nevertheless use all the expert training and specialist equipment at our disposal to ensure it passes the keen eyes of any inventory clerk.

We deliver a host of value-added services including sales cleans, soft furnishings, extractor-method carpet cleaning, window cleaning and external cleaning (which can involve stone-washing, gardening and patio cleaning), and we provide bespoke quotations for various property care services. Remora’s team leaders use a phone app to ensure our cleaners are always on time and fully briefed on your precise requirements. If any problems arise at the check-in, we’ll simply return within 48 hours to perform a re-clean at no extra charge, subject to our terms and conditions.

End of tenancy Cleaning in London


Simply put, Remora is here to help private landlords and tenants alike. We make absolutely certain that a new tenancy gets off to the right start. If the preliminary clean doesn’t hit a certain standard, bad blood can arise. Remora will ensure every party gets spotless accommodation every time.

The post-tenancy deep clean is just as important. Tenants want their property left in pristine condition ready for the next check-in, and no-one wants to be left open to the possibility of vexatious disputes. Remora’s thorough residential deep-cleaning services are your best guarantee of a stress-free changeover.

Remora is the peace-of-mind option for everyone: it’s all too easy for tenants to lose some or all of their deposit, or even just to enter a draining, timeconsuming and totally pointless dispute process, simply for the sake of saving £30 on an inferior clean.

The government’s own Tenancy Deposit Scheme explains that cleaning – or the lack thereof – is the single greatest source of disputes between landlords and tenants. And considering most tenants need swift access to their previous deposit in order to put a fresh one down on their next rental, disputes of any kind are a painful yet avoidable cost.

For landlords in particular, we can also deliver a host of value-added services including sales cleans, soft furnishings extractor-method carpet cleaning, window cleaning and external cleaning (which can involve stone-washing, gardening and patio cleaning). We provide bespoke quotations for various property care services.

Communal area cleaning

Remora offers cleaning services for shared residential and commercial areas, too. Whether for a group of private tenants with shared areas in their apartment block, or on behalf of management companies which administer entire blocks, we can provide weekly or irregularly scheduled cleaning.


Window cleaning

Windows are usually overlooked by during a tenancy, but grubby panes make a world of difference. Remora has staff trained to use the pole system up to the fourth floor. For larger properties, we can arrange abseil cleaning with a trusted partner.


For property managers especially, laundry can be a service headache.

Remora offers a collect-and-return service for a flat fee plus per-machine load, as well as dry cleaning where required.

Waste control

Remora is an Environment Agency approved waste carrier and broker. Without this license, removing rubbish commercially is a crime, and the home-owner is liable for penalty from extremely zealous council enforcement.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Our services include stain removal and refreshing old carpets, priced per room or stair level to remove more substantial quantities of waste. Likewise, we can clean most soft furnishings to an excellent standard. Please ask us for more information.

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"Competitively priced and having read the reviews I chose to use Remora to steam clean carpets in five bed house which I was exiting . Very easy to set up date and time which suited me (on a Saturday) . The team turned up punctually . They were great. Very polite , very efficient and very willing to go the extra mile. Nothing was too much for them. They did a very good job . I would recommend them and certainly would use them again."
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Peter Sant
"Thanks for sending someone to clean my carpets. I am pleased with the result, and everything has dried out well. The house now smells clean and fresh. Your young man (name continues to escape me) worked really thoroughly and made a great effort to do the job properly. I do recommend him, he is a good worker and has an obliging approach."
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c. 4000ft house (SW1)