Remora’s sustainable cleaning alternatives

Posted by Edward Jonkler on September 18, 2019

Whether you’re an independent business or representing a multi-site operation, we are delighted to announce that we can offer high-quality contract cleaning using sustainable cleaning products to retailers, offices and the public sector. Using the highest quality, eco-friendly alternatives to harsher cleaning products, our teams can ensure your properties are in tip top condition without impacting on the environment.

How do cleaning products impact the environment?
Many harsh cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds made up of both both human-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds such as phosphorous, nitrogen and ammonia. When we wash away cleaning products, even after passing through water treatment plants, some of these chemical compounds are released into rivers and lakes, having a devastating effect on aquatic ecosystems. One such side effect is algal blooms, caused by phosphates commonly found in cleaning products which act as a fertiliser in marine environments. These algal blooms cause the water to become oxygen-depleted, having a drastic impact on marine animals and their natural predators.

What options are available to me?
For our contract and night cleaning clients, our Remora Cleaning teams work with Enov products. Enov offer a wide range of biodegradable cleaning products which rival the efficiency of stronger brands, but without the need for harmful chemicals and gases which can damage the environment.

We understand that every client’s needs are unique, and you may be unsure which products are best suited to your requirements, which is why we offer each new client a consultation during which we discover how best to service your property. If you’re uncertain whether sustainable cleaning products are suitable for your needs, but are looking to improve the environmental impact of your business, make an enquiry with Remora today and we can ensure your exact specifications are met. Whether you need a single cleaner or have multi-cleaner shift requirements, our hand-selected commercial cleaning team is standing by to deliver an excellent quality of service.

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