How to clean carpets with Remora

Clean Carpets

Posted by Edward Jonkler on August 19, 2019

Find out how to clean carpets and bring a new lease of life to your property.

Whether in an office, nursery or staffroom, carpets can take a beating in the home and workplace and, before long, once pristine flooring becomes peppered with scuffs and stains. The temptation can be to simply rip it up and start over, but our professional carpet cleaning offers a cost-effective way to revive your flooring.

At Remora, our teams are fully trained in how to clean carpets and come armed with some of the most sophisticated equipment for tackling even tough stains including coffee, red wine and mud. Whether you’re preparing your property for a new tenant, or simply looking to revitalise a part of your home, our team of trained professionals are on hand to refresh your carpets. 

How to prepare

To help make the process as streamlined as possible, there are a few simple steps you can take to prepare for your carpet clean. A clear floor is vital for achieving a great end result and our team are happy to help with clearing light furniture when they arrive, but any large or heavy items will need to be moved out of the way ahead of your appointment. If removing furniture entirely isn’t possible, simply move it to the centre of the room so that we can clean around the outside. It’s important to move longstanding furniture as dirt often collects around the edges and we often find the worst of the grime is hiding out of sight. 

How we do it

Your Remora cleaner will arrive at your property equipped with an electronically powered carpet cleaner. They will first vacuum the floor, before applying a pre-treatment spray on any problem areas to help shift stubborn stains. Our sophisticated equipment can adapt to different carpet materials, giving the most efficient clean in just a single run while preventing over-wetting to protect and preserve your carpets. As the machine runs over the carpet simultaneously wetting and hoovering the fibres, you’ll soon begin to see the dirt gathering in its reservoir, blasting away years’ worth of grime in just a few minutes. 


Our equipment is specifically designed to prevent over-wetting when cleaning your carpets, but even so some moisture will remain once the cleaning is finished. For the best result, keep the room well ventilated by opening any available windows and doors. This will ensure the quickest drying time so you can get everything back in its right place as swiftly as possible. 

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