How your laundry is contributing to ocean microplastics

Find out how you can reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans by adapting your laundry routine It’s no secret that ocean plastic is a pressing issue currently facing the population, with recent UK Government estimates suggesting that as much as 150 million tonnes of plastic waste enter...

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Wet wipes confirmed leading cause of sewer blockages and river pollution

A recent study carried out by Thames21 found that in July of this year over 23,000 wet wipes made their way to the shore of the River Thames in Barnes. The wipes were collected during a two-hour volunteer clean up as part of a wider study into the long lasting effects of wet wipes in our sewers. T...

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Are bed bugs on the rise?

Following another summer of unprecedented heatwaves, bed bugs are on the rise in the UK. Find out why they're spreading and what you can do about it. Why are they rising in number?Bed bugs thrive in temperatures of around 20 - 28 degrees celsius, meaning longer summers at higher temperatures in ...

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How to get rid of smoke smells

From soot to ceiling stains, smoke in the home can cause immeasurable damage to your property, but perhaps one of the most unpleasant side effects is lingering smoke smells. Discover six tops tips for getting rid of smoke smells in your home. Use odour eliminators - Unlike simple domestic fragra...

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Remora’s sustainable cleaning alternatives

Whether you're an independent business or representing a multi-site operation, we are delighted to announce that we can offer high-quality contract cleaning using sustainable cleaning products to retailers, offices and the public sector. Using the highest quality, eco-friendly alternatives to harsh...

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Clean Carpets

How to clean carpets with Remora

Find out how to clean carpets and bring a new lease of life to your property. Whether in an office, nursery or staffroom, carpets can take a beating in the home and workplace and, before long, once pristine flooring becomes peppered with scuffs and stains. The temptation can be to simply rip it...

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Breakthrough recycling technology to boost efforts ten-fold

Hope has arrived for “non-recyclable” plastics as breakthrough recycling technology reveals that melting down mixed plastics is the key to reusing them. Mixed plastics such as crisp packets, cling film and plastic pouches were previously not able to be recycled in the UK. But breakthrough m...

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food waste recycling

40% rise in Scotland’s food waste recycling

Zero Waste Scotland find food waste recycling is on the rise With sustainable solutions hot on the agenda as the UK tackles the climate crisis head on, many are looking to our everyday practices for ways to eradicate contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. One such source is food waste sent to...

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