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Posted by Edward Jonkler on June 10, 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to linger on, many of us are feeling more conscious than ever about sanitation in the home and office. The pathogen which causes Covid-19, called SARS-CoV-2, is known to survive on surfaces from several hours to several days, highlighting the importance of effective and regular disinfection of public-facing or commonly used areas in the office and home. 

At Remora, we’ve been operating throughout the pandemic and as such have been adapting our practice to suit the requirements of homes and businesses under “the new normal”. We’ve bolstered the degree of personal protective equipment worn by our staff to keep both our clients and workers safe, whilst also offering services which can give you the greatest confidence that your property is adhering to the highest hygiene standards. 

Our deep disinfecting clean involves the use of antibacterial products to deactivate any surviving pathogens which are lingering on surfaces. These are applied with particular attention to commonly used areas which can become hubs for infection such as light switches, door handles and worktops. 

Even before the time of Covid, attention to detail in ensuring our work is thorough and effective has been at the heart of Remora’s operational teams. We are reassured and proud that our methods can offer peace of mind to homeowners, landlords and employers who are eager to achieve the highest degree of hygiene in their property and hope that our existing reviews, such as the below 5-star review from Production Kitchen, will make you feel equally reassured.

“Edward and Remora took over from our own cleaning staff, and what was initially a streamlining measure has worked out very nicely. For us hygiene standards are paramount and they have been able to maintain these.”
Production Kitchen, (SE1)

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