UK homes clean visible dirt but fail to get rid of harmful bacteria

Posted by Edward Jonkler on January 10, 2020

A study by Dettol has found most UK homes clean visible dirt but fail to get rid of lingering viruses and bacteria which can make us sick. Common infections such as rhinovirus (common cold) and influenza (flu) can linger on well-used areas of the home including doorknobs, bannisters and drawers even after we’ve given our homes a quick once over.

It’s estimate over 25% of UK homeowners regularly blitz their homes to remove all evidence of dust and dirt. However, a study which took a closer look at this “cleanliness” revealed how common it is for harmful germs to be left behind even when all visible dirt is gone. With many viruses and bacteria being capable of surviving for up to 48 hours on hard and soft surfaces in the home, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent pathogen spread in your workplace or within your property.

Adults catch a cold on average between two to five times per year, whilst among children that number can be as high as eight. By making small adjustments to your cleaning routine or hiring professional assistance, you can reduce the likelihood of illness spreading in your home.

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