How to clean an oven

Posted by Edward Jonkler on January 2, 2020

After a few too many well-done dinners, oven grime can become extremely stubborn and hard to remove. Follow these four simple tips on how to clean an oven and get your kitchen appliance sparkling with ease.

Arm yourself
Before cleaning an oven it’s a good idea to don some gloves, preferably Marigolds long enough to cover your wrists and start of your forearm. This process can get messy, and oven grease doesn’t wash out easily, so it’s wise to protect your clothes from picking up any stains.

Clear out
Take all trays, pots and shelves out of your oven. These can be machine washed if you’re a little short on time, but stubborn marks might not come off first time. For the best results, leave trays, pots and shelves in warm soapy water to soak for some time. You can use a brillo pad to scrape clean metallic trays and shelves, but opt for a sponge for your pots to prevent scratches and damage.

Baking soda
This common kitchen staple has long been known for its grime-busting properties and can be put to test in your oven for an odourless solution. Mix five parts powder with one part water to make a paste and apply to the interior of your oven. Leave to work its magic for up to 12 hours (overnight will suffice) and you’ll find stubborn grease wipes away easily. The same method also works for glass oven doors and you can use a plastic spatular to dig at any remaining tough sections of grime.

The final step is to ensure all the residual baking soda is gone from your oven before returning the trays. To do this you can spray vinegar in the oven and the door. The vinegar will react with leftover baking soda, creating a foam which can be easily wiped away. Your oven is now clean!

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