Vapourtec Launch Revolutionary New Handheld Disinfectant Sprayer

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Posted by Edward Jonkler on October 7, 2021

The easy-HC10 is the brand new handheld disinfectant ‘maker and sprayer.’ This revolutionary new invention can instantly convert mildly salt tap water into high quality antiviral disinfectant, which is then dispensed in a fine mist used to disinfect surfaces in public areas.

The easy-HC10 was designed by Vapourtec, a leading manufacturer of flow chemistry used throughout research and the chemicals industry. The sprayer is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries and includes a 2 litre reservoir which can be filled with tap water and just 5g of salt. 

The disinfectant made inside the easy-HC10 is powerful enough to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. An electrochemical reaction occurs inside the sprayer which instantly converts tap water, containing just 0.25% salt into hypochlorous acid, which is a powerful disinfectant. 

Hypochlorous acid (HCIO) is a weak acid that forms when chlorine dissolves in water and partly dissociates, forming hypochlorite (CIO). HCIO and CIO are oxidisers and the primary disinfecting agents of chlorine solutions. 

Hypocholorous acid is also used by the human body itself to fight infection. It is produced by white blood cells in all mammals and is an essential part of our immune system. It eliminates all pathogens and is harmless to mammalian cells in low concentrations.

Hypochlorous acid does not irritate eyes or skin as it is already made naturally in the human body, and it is safe to use on food and food surfaces as it eliminates bacteria, fungi, yeasts, viruses, moulds and spores. 

Using just salt and water to create this disinfecting hypochlorous acid is an extremely economical way of cleaning, and as it is completely non-toxic it is safe to use around the house, and much more environmentally friendly than most cleaning chemicals, as it leaves no harmful residue and eradicates the use of single-use plastic disinfectant bottles. 

Using an easy-HC10 means there is no need to buy, store and carry around traditional disinfectants and bleach. It can cost around 96% less to use than even NHS-grade disinfectants, which can cost between 75p and £4 per litre, compared to just a few pence worth of tap water and 5g of salt for each refill.

So how does the easy-HC10 work? Once you have filled up the two litre reservoir with water and added 5 grams of salt the sprayer needs to be shaken, the salt solution is then pumped from the reservoir into the continuous flow electrochemical reactor. Within the reactor, electricity from the battery is conducted through the salt solution to produce the hypochlorous acid. The whole process is completed in continuous flow as soon as the trigger is pressed. The sprayer has about a 90-minute run time, and each two litres of water produces around 25 minutes of continuous spraying. This makes the device ideal for disinfecting larder areas like schools, offices, health settings and public transport. 

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