Pelsis Launch New Cleaning Machine in Fight Against COVID-19

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Posted by Edward Jonkler on November 16, 2020

Another addition to the world’s fight against Coronavirus, the Pelsis Group, manufacturer of hygiene and pest control products, have just launched their brand new cleaning product, in the hope of helping businesses get back on their feet in the midst of the second wave of the virus.

Named The Hurricane ES (Electrostatic) fogger, it is an Ultra-Low Volume hand-held fogging machine that can be used effectively on all surfaces and to disinfect rooms and other large areas. 

The Hurricane ES uses large volumes of air at low pressures to transform liquid into droplets that are dispersed into the atmosphere. Each droplet has a small electrostatic charge and when dispersed into the atmosphere at high speeds, they repel each other, allowing for fast and consistent coverage and stronger contact with all surfaces for a more optimum clean. The Hurricane ES will thoroughly sanitise any surface in a room; chairs, desks, carpets, door handles etc. 

According to the machine has a coverage rate of 6.075m2 per minute, so if used in an 8m x 8m classroom the entire room would be cleaned in approximately 10.53 minutes. 

Fogging is now a commonly used method for fighting COVID-19 and is an extremely effective way of deep cleaning an area and removing any viruses or germs, when used in conjunction with a thorough cleaning regime. 

The machine’s launch comes amidst further restrictions in the UK and a full four-week lockdown in England. This lockdown however sees schools and colleges remain open and many more offices and businesses than during the spring lockdown. During this time therefore businesses and schools have a duty of care to staff, pupils and customers. The development of the machine represents a beacon of hope that, if we can clean entire rooms quickly and effectively, life may be able to return to some form of ‘normal’ quicker than we had thought.

You can read more about the Hurricane-ES and its various benefits, including the application of sterilisers and disinfectants, here.