Cleaning and Hygiene Industry to Get a Voice in Parliament, in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Posted by Edward Jonkler on December 15, 2020

To give the cleaning industry a much-needed voice in Parliament, the British Cleaning Council (BCC) are sponsoring the creation of an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), to represent the cleaning and hygiene sector and allow it to influence discussions, ministers and Government. 

An APPG is an informal cross-party group run by and for members House of Commons and the House of Lords, though external individuals and organisations can also be involved in their running and activities. APPGs meet to discuss issues and explore relevant issues and solutions relating to their topic, regularly examining government policies relating to their area, and inviting stakeholders and Government ministers to speak and hold inquiries at their meetings. 

The BCC are working to recruit prominent MPS to join their proposed APPG, and are also working alongside industry-expert Stephen Kerr, the former MP for Stirling and the former Sales Director with Kimberly-Clark Professional.

It is hoped that Parliament will approve the establishment of any APPG in early 2021. 

The proposal of this APPG is in clear response to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the BCC Chairman, Paul Thrupp, commented that the cleaning and hygiene industry operatives ‘were once known as an invisible workforce’ but due to the pandemic and ‘the BCC’s constant lobbying, there is now much more recognition of the industry and its operatives.’ 

With an APPG having an influence in Parliament it will be able to provide much needed expert guidance to the Government and the country on cleaning and hygiene. It will ensure that the Government, and the country, are aware of the massive contribution that the industry makes to the economy, and its vital role in protecting people’s health and safety; even more evident in the midst of the pandemic. 

With a voice in Parliament, the group will have the ability to put important issues concerning the future of cleaning and hygiene in the wake of Coronavirus, on the parliamentary agenda and provide a platform for discussions between MPs and the experts within the cleaning industry, as well as ensuring that MPs have crucial information regarding the health and safety of the public. 

The BCC is formed of 21 members from across the cleaning and hygiene industry. Recently published research also showed that the sector is a UK top ten industry, contributing over £54bn to the UK economy. It’s importance, and the importance of Government knowledge about cleaning best practices and protecting the health and safety of the public has become ever more evident this year. 

You can read more about the APPG, including the full quote from the BCC Chairman, Paul Thrupp, here.