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A large-scale clean including abseil access to exterior roof areas, full landscaping, post-works cleaning and a full deep clean throughout was required at a large (c. 5,000 square foot) house close to Notting Hill for a private client who had just finished large refurbishment at the property. We started work the same week and were finished in two days, leaving ample time for other contractors to carry out additional work prior to the move-in date.

Post-works cleaning

We can perform post-refurbishment cleaning at any scale and to any specification. In this instance, despite the size of the property and the disturbance caused by the work, we turned the project around in 48 hours.

Abseil services

External work at height can sometimes require highly specialised skills and equipment. In this instance, the roof was of such a design that we deployed cleaning teams via abseil. They receive full training and are fully insured.

Client feedback
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