As the Build To Rent market soars is the soft services industry keeping up?

Posted by Edward Jonkler on September 1, 2022

The Build-To-Rent (BTR)  industry continues to grow and shows no signs of slowing down. As stated in the joint report from the British Property Federation and Savills, there are currently 237,362 BTR homes throughout the UK as of Q2 2022, an increase of 16% year on year.  This yearly BTR growth  therefore raises the question: How is the soft service industry keeping up?

The Reaction from the Soft Services industry 

The Soft Services industry covers a wide variety of operations such as cleaning and maintenance. They play a vital role in ensuring a quick and efficient change of tenancy process for their clients’ rental properties. There has not been the same push from the Soft Services industry as one might expect for BTR services, despite BTR’s reliance on these services to operate smoothly. A quick google search will show plenty of cleaning companies but no specific reference to what they can offer BTR client bases. 

Our proposed solution 

At Remora Cleaning we want to act as a bridge between high value BTR clients and the personalised, professional cleaning service they seek.

Our close involvement in the Get Living East Village E20 programme has allowed us to gain invaluable insight at an early stage into the future of rental properties and develop an understanding of the full potential of BTR cleaning services. We are excited to see where this will lead and are positioning ourselves accordingly.

Our typical process for BTR development is as follows:

  1. Our BTR director prepares tender responses, as well as stand alone proposals, working with the operations team. 
    1. As a leader in ESG, we have continually implemented excellent systems, processes and policies from data protection to modern slavery .
    2. We often work with potential clients to refine their requirements and tailor a solution to their needs. 
    3. Using our established industry connections and a strong pool of experienced supervisors and operatives, we can move quickly to cover large developments.
  2. Post a successful proposal, the same director manages recruitment, TUPE, and controls every aspect operationally, ensuring seamless implementation.
    1. This includes further development of processes, with risk assessments and method statements being produced that are tailored to the site, as well as safety sheets for chemicals and equipment.
    2. Our supervisors meet with their contacts in the client firm. Walkthroughs of the site and establishing a good relationship with a clear understanding of process and expectations. 
    3. An audit of current requirements, with any additional services that may be required being outlined; these have included waste disposal, flood damage and emergency cleaning response, document shredding and many more.
  3. Once operational, the BTR director retains ownership of the contract at a senior level, until both parties are completely satisfied that KPIs are being exceeded.

With over 10 years carrying out ad-hoc and contract cleaning, specializing in residential changeovers, we are a strong contender for your BTR cleaning requirements. For further information at no obligation, please contact us.