Why is hiring a dedicated soft services company integral to the success of BTR?

Posted by Edward Jonkler on October 5, 2022


The BTR market has expanded significantly in the last decade, its ability to successfully build and harbour community spirit, is a driving factor behind its exponential growth. Like any other services based industry; direct communication between employers and contractors is vital to ensure smooth-running of operations and maintaining high levels of client satisfaction. From wealth management to marketing, “cutting out the middleman” often results in a more efficient, valuable service that clients can rely on to meet their needs. Why therefore does the BTR market fail to capitalize on the benefits of a direct relationship with a dedicated soft services provider?


One benefit of working directly with a soft services provider as a BTR company is the ability to personalize and tailor the service to you and most importantly, your tenants’ needs. A wide range of cleans with additional extras and adaptable specifications, from post-maintenance refresh cleans, to full-scale end of tenancy deep cleans, are completely customisable. This means your properties receive the service they truly require , and not a service that is potentially excessive but contractually obligated to be carried out. Personalisation can therefore save BTR companies money and time. Properties that are in need of a light dusting do not receive a full end-of-tenancy style clean, and vice-versa. 


A dedicated soft service cleaning solution could be fundamental to streamlining your business. With on-site permanent cleaning teams, efficiency for both the soft-service provider and you, the client, is maximized. There is no need to hire a mobile cleaning team – possible delays that are frequent with this traditional cleaning solution (such as getting stuck in traffic) are minimized. This means less travel time for the cleaning team between jobs, and as a result, a higher capacity of workload for you.

Remora’s 10 years of operational experience has allowed it to try and test many cleaning products and equipment, even developing their own formulas along the way. You can be certain that the products used in all of the services will be the most efficient and trusted ones on the market, ensuring the highest quality finish in all your properties.

Not only is efficiency maximized with regards to time taken between jobs and the level of equipment and products used, but also when considering the points of contact between the soft-services contractor and the BTR company. As shown in the below diagram, the director of BTR deals directly with the BTR company during the tenure process from start to finish. Overseeing recruitment, TUPE, and every aspect of the operation to ensure seamless implementation and to make sure KPI’s are not only met but exceeded.


Better Rates: 

Efficiency does not only equate to a higher workload capacity – it also allows for a reduction in costs, both for the soft services contractor and the BTR company. With an agreed specification list that is personalized to your needs, you can be sure you’re getting the best value cleaning service, without sacrificing professionalism and quality. 

The scope for better rates only increases with the establishment and building of a healthy, direct relationship between Remora and the BTR company.  The more units we are contracted to clean, the more Remora is able to drive down costs and provide the BTR Company with the best value service.


One service provider ensures that responsibility and accountability is clear. It is natural that things may not always go to plan, however you can be sure that in the rare case there is an issue, Remora will deal with with internally and efficiently. With limited points of contact, the professionalism and high standard of service Remora prides itself on is maintained. There is no “blame game” with third parties not accepting liability, issues are resolved directly between the soft services provider and the BTR Company.

Remora wants to ensure that all your soft-service needs are met, and in turn, we are very understanding when it comes to last-minute bookings and emergency solutions. We will always strive to move around existing bookings and adapt our schedule to accommodate where possible.


If you feel that your company could benefit from a professional, high quality soft-services provider, please do not hesitate to contact us via the below links for further information. One of our friendly team members will be in touch as soon as possible: 


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