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Cleaning Robots to Support NHS Hospitals Across the UK

Medirest, the healthcare division of Compass Group UK and Ireland, has introduced 12 brand new cleaning robots to support several NHS hospitals across the UK. The special technology has been manufactured by leading robotics company Lionsbot in Singapore, and three of the robots have been successful...

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What will cleaning and hygiene look like post pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way that we view hygiene, cleaning and safety in our everyday lives, both in private spaces and public. The demand for new solutions and products that promote easy and efficient hygiene and make social distancing feel more natural, is on the rise...

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Breakthrough recycling technology to boost efforts ten-fold

Hope has arrived for “non-recyclable” plastics as breakthrough recycling technology reveals that melting down mixed plastics is the key to reusing them. Mixed plastics such as crisp packets, cling film and plastic pouches were previously not able to be recycled in the UK. But breakthrough m...

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