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8 tips for keeping your house clean with pets

Sharing your home with furry friends can work wonders for your mental health, but the unfortunate side effect of our four-legged friends is often unwanted hair, dirt and smells setting up camp in your interiors Keeping your home clean when sharing it with pets can feel like an unending task, wit...

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Are bed bugs on the rise?

Following another summer of unprecedented heatwaves, bed bugs are on the rise in the UK. Find out why they're spreading and what you can do about it. Why are they rising in number?Bed bugs thrive in temperatures of around 20 - 28 degrees celsius, meaning longer summers at higher temperatures in ...

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How to get rid of smoke smells

From soot to ceiling stains, smoke in the home can cause immeasurable damage to your property, but perhaps one of the most unpleasant side effects is lingering smoke smells. Discover six tops tips for getting rid of smoke smells in your home. Use odour eliminators - Unlike simple domestic fragra...

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