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Crime-fighting A.I. Used in Fight Against Coronavirus to Monitor Hand Washing Habits

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the Japanese industry multinational Fujitsu, has developed an Artificial Intelligence monitor it says will ensure healthcare, hospitality and food industry workers wash their hands properly.  As a result of Coronavirus, the importance of hand-washin...

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safe cleaning service

How we protect our clients and staff under Covid-19

As lockdown gradually eases it’s understandable to feel a little uncertain about opening your doors to external teams be it for construction work or cleaning services. At Remora cleaning, we’ve been working throughout the pandemic during a difficult time which has taught us a lot about how to m...

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covid spread on shoes

Can coronavirus be spread via shoes?

Covid-19 has dominated the headlines for much of 2020 and as the threat of the pandemic continues it’s important we all stay vigilant and continue the best practices to avoid further spread of the disease. While socially distancing in public spaces is effective to avoid contagious water droplets ...

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Coronavirus Deep Clean

Ensuring Offices are Pandemic-Proof for the Future

Although leaving our comfortable Work From Home set-ups seems like a long way off yet, as June sees the gradual lifting of lockdown restrictions it is important for employers to begin to think about how offices will be able to safely re-open in a post-pandemic UK.  With the prospect of a va...

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Build to Rent

Why is Build to Rent Exploding Across London’s Rental Sector?

Playing a key role in providing quality and affordable homes for those who cannot yet afford to buy, Build to Rent (homes designed and built specifically to be rented) is gaining remarkable momentum within the city’s rental sector. There are now over 60,000 BTR properties complete or under constr...

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deep clean covid

Disinfection services available from Remora

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to linger on, many of us are feeling more conscious than ever about sanitation in the home and office. The pathogen which causes Covid-19, called SARS-CoV-2, is known to survive on surfaces from several hours to several days, highlighting the importance of effecti...

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How long can Covid-19 survive on surfaces?

The SARS-CoV-2 pathogen which causes the disease Covid-19 has been a devastating and difficult pathogen to deal with. The silent symptoms many experience, especially during the incubation period of the disease where carriers are still contagious, is part of the reason why the pathogen has spread so...

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Clean Carpets

How to clean carpets with Remora

Find out how to clean carpets and bring a new lease of life to your property. Whether in an office, nursery or staffroom, carpets can take a beating in the home and workplace and, before long, once pristine flooring becomes peppered with scuffs and stains. The temptation can be to simply rip it...

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Breakthrough recycling technology to boost efforts ten-fold

Hope has arrived for “non-recyclable” plastics as breakthrough recycling technology reveals that melting down mixed plastics is the key to reusing them. Mixed plastics such as crisp packets, cling film and plastic pouches were previously not able to be recycled in the UK. But breakthrough m...

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food waste recycling

40% rise in Scotland’s food waste recycling

Zero Waste Scotland find food waste recycling is on the rise With sustainable solutions hot on the agenda as the UK tackles the climate crisis head on, many are looking to our everyday practices for ways to eradicate contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. One such source is food waste sent to...

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